A cookie is a small file that usually contains a sequence of letters and numbers that is loaded on a user's computer when they visit a particular website. Cookies are primarily intended to ensure the operation of the website. In addition, we can provide a better user experience with them. They are downloaded via a browser during the first visit to the site. The next time you return to the page via the same device, the browser can check if a related cookie is present (that is, the one that contains the page name), and use the data from the cookie and send it back to the page. This allows sites to recognize that the user has previously visited them, and in some cases to adjust the content displayed accordingly.

A visitor to the online store is assigned a cookie to identify and ensure traceability ("cookie") when using the online store. The servers automatically collect data on how visitors, merchants or shoppers use the online store and store this data in the form of an activity log. The servers store information about the use of the online store, statistics and IP numbers. Data on the use of the online store by shoppers can be used by the company for anonymous statistical processing, which serves to improve the user experience and for marketing products and / or services through the online store.

Indirectly and upon obtaining consent, the online store may also store cookies from external services (eg Google Analytics) on the device of the visitor or buyer, which are used for anonymous collection of data on website visits. With regard to external services, the rules and general conditions on the processing of personal data, which are available at the links below, apply.

Permission to use cookies

If your settings in the browser with which you visit the website are such that they accept cookies, it means that you agree to their use. In case you do not want to use cookies on this website or remove them, you can read the procedure below. However, removing or blocking cookies may result in not performing optimally on this website.

Mandatory cookies

are cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of the website and without them the transmission of messages in the communication network would not be possible. These cookies are also necessary so that the company can offer you the services available in our online store. They allow you to log in to the user profile, agree to the terms and identify the user session. We are not obliged to obtain consent for their use.

Analytical and advertising cookies

Analytical cookies help us understand how our visitors use our online store. With their help, we improve the user experience and identify user requirements and trends. Third-party plug-ins and tools used as cookies enable functionality to work, help analyze the frequency of visits and how websites are used. If an individual does not agree with the use of these, cookies will not be installed, but it may happen that some interesting features of an individual website will not be available. We only use these cookies if you have explicitly agreed to this.

You decide to use cookies yourself. You can always remove cookies to remove your visibility online. For information on individual browser options, we suggest you take a look at the settings of the browser you're using.

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