Company Marinblu provides a wide assortment of live, fresh, defrosted, frozen and packaged fish, shells, crustaceans, squids, octopuses, cuttlefish, algae and other delicatessen products, both sea and freshwater.

Geographically, the company is situated on the North Adriatic coast near the border with Italy. It is predominantly export-oriented and present in the major markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Marinblu's sea and freshwater clientele consists of the HoReCa segment, fish stores, distributors, importers, large domestic and foreign retail chains and international discount retail chains.

Marinblu has an extremely flexible and adaptable organizational structure and business culture, which provides a wide range of quality and competitive products from the sea and freshwater. For the company it is very important to develop new application and consumption modes of live, fresh, defrosted, frozen, smoked, dried and delicatessen sea and freshwater products, which can be achieved through new packaging and communication techniques with markets and consumers of fish and other fish products.  

In order to increase its competitive advantages and to internationalize its business as much as possible, Marinblu continuously technologically and organizationally updates and modernize the production, processing and sale of fish and other fish products. The company is devoting more resources to the automation and informatization of business processes.  

Fish processing plant
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