Marinblu is an international company engaged in the production, processing, wholesale and retail of fish and other fish products. The company's sales assortment includes according to grammage and origin over 1,000 species of live, fresh, defrosted, frozen, smoked, dried and other packaged sea and freshwater fish, shells, crustaceans, squids, octopuses, cuttlefish, algae and other delicatessen products. 

Live, fresh and defrosted products

Packaged products

Innovative and customized business model

The Marinblu's business model is based on increasing and optimizing the accessibility, availability, timeliness and usability of the sea and freshwater product assortment. 

Based on new technology of pre-preparation and preparation of products and connecting logistics using international distribution platforms and hubs, the company shortens delivery times and responsiveness to the needs of the fish and other fish products markets.