MARINBLU L.L.C. is an international company which is engaged in the sale of fish and other fish products. Selling assortment of the company comprises the grammage of over 1,000 species of fresh, frozen, smoked and dried sea and freshwater fish, molluscs, crustaceans, squids, octopus, cuttlefish and other delicacy items.

The company is export-oriented, it has an extensive regional passenger network, which is available to customers at any time, in accordance with the 24/7 system. Marinblu sales consist of HoReCa customers, retail chains, large and small retailers, etc. in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, etc.

Marinblu holds HACCP certification for the storage of refrigerated and frozen products, and the production, processing and packaging of fish and other fish products. The company offers clients services such as cleaning, filleting and packing fish and other fish products, both farmed and caught, cleaning and packaging squids of different types and origin, packaging of fish, molluscs, crustaceans, squids, octopus or cuttlefish in modified atmosphere (MAP), etc.

The company has a wide, high-quality and cost-competitive manufacturing and retail assortment. Marinblu is consisted of highly qualified personnel, commercial and passenger service network and qualified and experienced, responsive and flexible service to the needs of customers.

Marinblu is headquartered in Industrial Zone (OIC) Hrpelje. Location in the OIC Hrpelje is of strategic nature and logistically suitable for the supply and transportation of goods in Slovenia, as well as for export. At the headquarters of the company operations as trading fish and other seafood products, storage of goods in cold storage for chilled and deep-frozen foods, manipulation and production, processing and packaging of food are carried out.


The company has a license for international transport of goods, and has its own fleet. Marinblu customers can have their goods transported at many temperature options, main ones being regrigerated goods (0 ° C - 4 ° C), frozen goods (up to - 20 ° C) and other goods, which do not require special temperature regime. The company transports goods on pallets, packages, parcel, etc. Especially it has an established weekly scheduled route in Slovenia and in the international region, so that it can offer transport services at a very competitive prices.

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